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LURPS! The core rulebook for Lewis' Unified Role-Playing System. 

Step inside to a world full of filthy peasants, disgusting nobility, gunpowder and magic. A ruleset for a fantasy RPG set somewhere in the Georgian era that seeks to be an excellent secondary game after you've tried popular d20 games. Its easy to learn and get started.

Core features include:

  • No classes, all point-buy. Build your character your way, straight from the start. There are no arbitrary restrictions for skills, feats or abilities, nor any need to plan several levels in advance.
  • D6 dice pool. All you need are a few six-sided dice.
  • Tightly designed freeform magic system. No more hunting for optimal spell lists, nor having to argue about what exactly can or can't be done.
  • More options for martial characters. Perform fancy feats of sword work with the Special move system.

Get the GameMaster Codex here : https://mucker71.itch.io/lurps-gamemaster-codex-pdf

And some character sheets: https://mucker71.itch.io/lurps-character-sheets

More on my main page!

Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/5TrD7sD


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